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We are your go-to source for all information regarding startup/tech business in North America. Our startup city guide has the information to serve as the gateway to launching a successful business in over 60 cities around the continent. Our guides include information about all startup essentials such as how to get funding, find accelerators and incubators, local innovation leaders, and other resources.

Our Mission

We strive to be the best resource available for North America’s brightest individuals and companies. With the time we save people going around cities and searching for the best services, they can put more energy into making the company as efficient as possible.

Our Direction

Just like the tech ecosystem, our list continues to expand. With connections to leaders in each city, we are constantly on the prowl for new hubs and ideas. Tech leaders can partner with us to become City Ambassadors, who help us help you.

Our Impact

Our startup guide will help you save valuable time on finding the best resources and cities. With less searching, you’ll be able to spend more time developing a successful business venture. As engagement grows, so will opportunities to expand, innovate, and network.

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